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If you wish to book the school for training sessions you need to complete Form H1 which is available from the school website. Click here to get to the site or here for the form.

There should be a Form H1 completed to cover each occasion when the school grounds or facilities are used.  The form can either be printed out and posted/hand delivered or sent by email to Alison.Shalom

If the booking request is at short notice, a phone call (01845 522024 extn 141) or email would be the best way to inquire, submitting a Form H1 at the same time. The caretakers need to know who has permission to come onto the school site.

Please note there is a caretaker opening up charge of £50 so better to plan two or three sessions running after each other. If you have a morning and afternoon session that's 2 x £50.

If sessions are planned during school holidays then it is important to get the booking form in early, likewise when racedays are on. The club website calendar should feature racedays and caravan events that impact on use of the racecourse playing fields.

School football pitches are not to be used for training sessions to preserve a good playing surface. These should be on the front grassy areas only. The club does not have to pay for training sessions, only matches when the facilities are booked and used.

Please copy in the football club secretary with any school booking emails.


John Eland = NRCFA 55832643

Georgina Pugh = To follow

George Peirse = To follow

Colin Smith = NRCFA 1750101