Join Us - Falcons Needs You!

Want to be part of this great club? We've got loads of opportunities for you to help and it doesn't just involve being a coach or a ref!

The club has progressed massively in recent years due to the efforts that people have put in. It is now a time of great opportunity for the club with the opportunities afforded by developments such as Sowerby Sports Village and our partnership with Celtic Football Club.

We want to develop the club further but we need your help! The more volunteers we have the easier each role is!

Contact current chairman Wayne Sowden (07850203040) by Thursday 22 September if you can spare a little bit of time and you would like to support your team or the club.

Roles include:

Club chairperson
Vice chairperson
Club Secretary
Team Managers
Team coordinators
Minutes secretary
Referee and pitch coordinator
Volunteer Coordinator
Parents liaison Coordinator
School’s liaison officer
Playing kit coordinator
Equipment coordinator
Communication systems manager.
Child Welfare Officer
Fundraising coordinator
Cabin Coordinator
Cabin Volunteers
Publicity and Media
Grants coordinator
Sowerby Sports Village
Special Projects E.g Celtic and Funday coordinators

Join us - support the club, support your team, support your player!